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Thread: Was the Matrix a rip-off?

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    That was by far the best post I've read on this site. Wow Thx. But not so much from the stand point of weather she wrote the Matrix or not. All though personally I feel she did. But rather more from the fact that up until tonight I hadn't heard a word of this. So this proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Timewarner is far to large for our own good. They simply can't be trusted to report the News. How ever I don't blame them for sitting on this story. If I was Timewarner and something like this came out. I sure as hell wouldn't want anyone to know about it. It is just not in there best interest to do so. How ever they own 95% of the News market. So where else can one go to get reliable news?

    Harry Houdini

    makes one wonder what else Timewarner is not telling us?
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