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Thread: Optimus Prime, Autobot leader

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    Optimus Prime, Autobot leader

    As requested by oxyg3n, here are some shots of my Optimus Prime model:

    I am still tweaking his textures, but the actual model is now finished. And he is fuly transformable

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    Hello Again,

    I really like him, but I must admit he was one of my favorite transformers.

    The only thing I dont like though is the reflections on his face. I think that it shouldnt be anymore reflective than his body.

    Keep up the work, I cant wait to see your finished animation.

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    That's awesome! I agree with the face, and also is it just me or does his head look too tall and skinny? The rest of the model and textures are great, however!

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    ahh, transformers rocked. That is an amazing model very well done, animations of it transforming would be Sweet.

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