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Thread: Print_Reselution advise

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    Print_Reselution advise

    What is the correct setup for rendering a image that will be printed in A4 at a resolution of 300 - 600 dpi. and what amount of memory should I reqire for this size render.. I currently have a meger 512, should I beef this up to 1 gig.

    thanks for any advise you can give me.

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    It depends on what you are trying to render! Mere geometry alone isn't enough to tell you the memory requirements. In Layout, with your scene loaded, hit w to get a very rough idea of what it's going to take to render your scene in terms of memory taken for objects, and use the Image Editor to find out what the memory cost is for images.

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    A4 + 5mm border at 300 dpi

    Put this to lines in your "LW3.cfg" layout config file:

    ResolutionPreset 3626 2598 1 0 0 3626 2598 A4 H (307 x 220 mm at 300 dpi)
    ResolutionPreset 2598 3626 1 0 0 2598 3626 A4 V (220 x 307 mm at 300 dpi)

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    Consider to render everything at 50% and scale it up to full size in Photoshop. 3d images always look to crisp and it might be worth to have a reduced quality which looks more familiar to the eye and brain and therefore more realistic.

    But that really depends on your image content.


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