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Thread: Dual Processors!?

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    Dual Processors!?

    Does LW correctly utilize Dual Processors on the MAC?
    Does Saslite use both?

    Im rendering a scene with Saslite, and I get the exact same render times when I set 1, 2, even 8 threads....the CPU monitor shows the 2 cpus being used, but not constantly nor fully, they kinda bounce back and forth...
    anyway is there a setting on the MAC or something that will make it work right?


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    A little something i wrote before regarding SMP and Macintosh software development:

    Basically the only people who can 'switch' on SMP support are the software developers and unfortunately they don't seem willing to put the effort in .

    Saslite isn't SMP aware either as far as I am aware this also applies to most of the other Worley plugins and is the very reason I wont invest in any of them and many other plugins.

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    Worley advertises as upgrade argument that Sasquatch is multithreaded and Saslite not, obviously they want you spend a lot of money to get decent render times...

    Sas is completely independent from the thread number of LW, it kinda has its own rendering enginge for the fibres.

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    Unfortunately Sasquatch (the full version) is not multithreaded for the mac.
    We will have to wait the next major release.


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