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Thread: 'drity up'?

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    'drity up'?

    back in LW 5.5, there was a cool shader called dirty up. when LW 6 came out, it was gone.
    Does it still exist in a different name?
    could i take the LW 5.5 plugin and install it into LW 7.5 and have it work?

    Or, is there any comparable replacement for this plugin?
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    I think it was a
    plugin back then, but only for PC, and then they stoped it... dunno...

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    There was a nice thread on this in CGTalk. They gave some good ideas and it seems like there's someone working on a plug-in. The link to the thread is here

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    What version of LW do you have right now?

    There are "couple of "dirty up" plugins available for LightWave:

    Grit 2.0 (LW 6.0 and higher):

    Disgust (never used it so I don't with what version of LW it works):

    DirtyUp! and Grime are older plugins which I wouldn't use anymore.

    Nowadays these things can be done in LW using the internal gradient options in LW (I think the gradients have been implemented as of version 7.0??)

    greetz, ChroMatiC


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