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Thread: Rendering and Dongles and Dongles and Rendering

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    Rendering and Dongles and Dongles and Rendering

    We currently have a license for lightwave that works both on Mac and PC. I work on the Mac and then I switch to the PC to network render. The problem I am having is that while the PC is rendering, I am unable to work on the Mac. Do we have to purchase another license to just render? What solutions do you have that would allow me to continue working while I am rendering?

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    Well, there's 2 ways to do this - one legit and the other er... not quite so legit - you can:

    a) Use LWSN.exe (or whatever the Mac equivalent is) with the "-3" option to stand-alone render with ScreamerNet (look it up in the manual).

    b) You can set LightWave off rendering then pull your hardware key out (assuming it's a USB one - don't try this with a serial port one!) and plug it into your other workstation and off you go - LightWave won't complain about the (lack of a) dongle and should render away quite happily...
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