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Thread: Switcher drops frames

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    Switcher drops frames

    I'm an old-time toaster pilot, (Amiga) and I'm still getting used to our VT2. We're running a Windows 2000 Compaq 2.4ghz dual processor machine with 1.5 gigs of ram. We're not using VT2 for it's editing capabilities, strictly as a switcher / CG / Paintbox to our Betacam linear edit suite. It's working great, with one major flaw. When running edits, the switcher drops frames in a totally random manner. We are still running the original build (3480i). I downloaded the 3718, 3866, and 3890 patches a few days ago, but haven't attempted to install them yet. Has anyone else come across this problem? Any ideas?

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    The later builds of Toaster have reduced the number of people having this problem.

    But for the most part, I seem to remember many of those problems were solved by some of the following:

    Place Black on the preview row.

    Make sure your Preferences are set properly. You should at least be able to handle 33 mgz bus and 100 mbs. Probably a lot more. Play with the settings until you get what you like.

    There are a multitude of variables, but for most people, playing with the preferences has gotten rid of this problem.

    Your system seems to have plenty of horse power, but if this doesn't fix it, you might start looking at the motherboard or system issues slowing the transfer rate.

    It doesn't sound like you are pushing the Toaster near it's capabilities.
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    stability of the system is way better in the new build then it was in 3480i. I doubt you'll have that problem if you install the patch.
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    Re: Switcher drops frames

    Originally posted by Rick Green
    I downloaded the 3718, 3866, and 3890 patches a few days ago, but haven't attempted to install them yet.
    I'd like to point out that you only need install the 3890 patch as it contains all the earlier updates.

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