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Thread: VT[3] as a CG in production truck

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    VT[3] as a CG in production truck

    I'm planing to use VT[3]-Live system in our production truck as a play-out machine and CG machine. For CG, my idea was to connect SX-8's ALPHA OUT to our switcher as a KEY IN and use SDI or COMPONENT OUT as a KEY FILL. But I was told that ALPHA OUT on SX-8 is not working.
    Does anyone have any details about ALPHA OUT and maybe know when will it be functional.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to preform ALPHA KEY w/o ALPHA OUT (I know that CROMA KEY is alternate solution, especially that I plan to use SDI, but I wolud rather use ALPHA KEY if possible).

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    Alpha out on the SX-8 is not active. I faintly remember reading something about it being active in the next version, presumably VT4, but I may be not remembering things correctly.


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    You will probably need the extra Genlock Card that snaps on the VT3 card to do that.
    We did.
    Sync the T3 up with Trucks genlock.

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    Jim_C, I understand that you implemented VT[3] in your production truck. For what do you use VT[3] in your truck? Do you have some tips to share?

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    Well I will do my best to explain how we use it.

    No Bob on board. So no thoughts on Alpha.

    We use the T3 as a downstream keyer into a Sony DME 300 or a For-A something switcher, to key titles over live video (thats where the genlock card is needed) and also to show eye candy videos or in between act information.

    The T is split by a brick into a hard input on the switcher and the dsk.
    when we need to key, the TD punches black on the T's internal switcher activates out to program on the CG then hits the key button on the hard switcher keying over the live video.

    To display the inbetween loops and graphics(I made about 5 hours of various backgrounds that loop in a Ted )
    The TD punches Ted on the internal, changes CG pages from the names to the next up numbers, then hits out to program on the CG which keys the info over a space I have left for it on the Ted loops.

    Then hits the hard T input on the switcher to take that.

    So the T is sort of doing double keying duty, as a dsk to the hard switcher and as an internal keyer to Ted.

    The genlock card required a little tweaking of the vert and horiz position in Preferences the first time installed but has been dead on ever since.

    I was initailly playing the loops off of a 4 disk scsi but all the road wear was beating them to death. So I transferred them to a Maxtor external hard drive. Built like a tank. It handles single streams with no problems and even simple on the road cut/dissolve editing. Add a layer or 2 and it starts choking.

    The T card was heating up and locking a bit in the small Compaq computer we use in the truck so I go a double card cooler
    drilled some holes in the side of the case where the fans rested for intake and it has not locked up since.

    Thats all I can think of for now, I will add if anything else washes ashore....



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