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Thread: Anyone selling their VT2 or VT3 card? (and S-8?)

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    Anyone selling their VT2 or VT3 card? (and S-8?)

    I'm looking for a used VT3, or maybe VT2 (cheap enough),
    and a S-8 if availble.

    I'm ready to buy right now. At the right price. (have to make sure)
    The card by itself, or whatever you might have.

    I'm new to this thread, learning the ropes.

    Thanks for any help.
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    You should have a Private message from me
    Check it.
    Do you need a ntsc or pal version?

    I got a PAL version for sale!
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    Can you get drivers to make it both NTSC and PAL?

    Let me Know, I don't know where the private messages are yet.

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    hey artvision.
    Dont think it is possible to use it for ntsc and pal.
    Maybe i'(m wrong. Try to mail newtek for that info. Or ask in the forum.

    Private messages are in the USER CP area. You can click on it and edit your personal settings.

    Are you in a pal or ntsc region?

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    NTSC, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

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    Newtek Elite Reseller
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    DuBois PA
    I am getting ready to sell one of my demo systems. This is a complete system . I'm not sure if your wanting a complete system if so email me at [email protected] or call me at 1 800 379 7267

    Jim Davis
    DVS Direct
    Jim Davis
    DVS Direct
    Better Business Bureau® Rated A+ Business
    Newtek Elite Partner
    Newtek Service and Repair
    Top 10 reseller 4 years in a Row
    PH 1 814 371 5640

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    VT3 for sale

    Video Toaster 3 For sale

    Including the VT3 card, the Blue Book ( user manual ) with original cd's, all books and the SX-8 breakout box.

    I accept Paypal and can open an auction on Ebay to be all secure.
    I have 69 positive feedbacks, 0 negative.

    Or you can just send money via money order and i'll send it to you. Shipping is 40$ to have it in 7 to 10 days or 120$ to have it in 2-3 days..

    All in pretty good shape. Worth 5000$
    Asking 3000$
    Sorry no negotiation
    contact me at:
    [email protected]

    Thanks to all of you


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