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Thread: MMORPG project: many 3D artists needed

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    MMORPG project: many 3D artists needed

    I'm coordinator of communications for a MMO Gaming Network. The leader of one of the network sites has founded a new MMORPG developing studio.

    He let me know that he may be in need of 3D artists with good texture, skinning, and modeling skills. The company is just launched. Therefore, there is no pay during development. After game beta, when the game goes commercial, the 3D artists will be paid every month(during the life of the MMORPG) on a commission-model. Job will be performed by request and work may be submitted via Online. You don't need to live near the studio.

    If you are interested, or require to ask questions just contact me at xmenfan2000 a-t

    replace a-t with @

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    3D modeler/ Texture Artist

    Dear Medievaldragon,

    I'm very interested in modeling and texturing for this company. I love mmorpg's and have experience in low poly modeling. I guess I'd like to know a little about what I'd be modeling and texturing for free but most of the time that doesn't happen until I talk to the one's in charge.
    I have an AAA degree in Computer Animation from the Art Institute of Seattle and a BFA Illustration degree from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I have freelancing experience with modeling, texturing and rigging in LW 7.5. You can check out my models at

    Jason Westmas

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    Hi Jason,

    I will forward your message to the MMORPG Team Leader. Thanks for your reply on the job position.

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    I would also be interested in this.
    I love Lightwave

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    Angry Scam??

    Is it me or does this sound like a scam??? Your not getting paid until the game is out. Sure doesnt sound like Sony to me.

    Please invest in your Artist. Dont scam them.


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    Well it sounds to me that the artist will depend entirely on the marketing team for their pay, so can you please say something more about the firm, it's portpfolio of work, experiance, something that would reasure us of the level of skill and experiance of the people that make the company, more importantly the marketing team
    miso popovic


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