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Thread: When is free LW8 upgrade time period?

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    When is free LW8 upgrade time period?

    Does anyone know when the period of time for free upgrades to LW8 for purchasers of LW7.5 began?

    We bought some seats of LW7.5 in the past 9 or 10 months and I wonder if we qualify to get free upgrade to LW8.

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    I purchased my LW [7.5] w/ free [8] upgrade and DFX+ bundle deal last September. I believe it started in April of 2003.

    Best bet to check if you qualify is to phone NewTek Customer Service. Things might be a bit different if you bought Edu versions or get some special discounts for schools (judging that you have "teacher" under your avatar name).
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    Yep. April 25, 2003.


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