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Thread: How to make flowers grow along a tree branch?

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    How to make flowers grow along a tree branch?

    Hi everyone, I would be very grateful if you could help me to achieve the growing of flowers in the branches of a tree, since I'm needing this in order to fullfil a project for a tv ad for my father. Thanks in advance. Oh, I've already modelled the tree, and doing it with the flowers shouldn't be that much, so, what I need is the animation to make 'em grow, thanks!!
    This is my scene so far

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    There's a baziljon ways to do this. Is the tree waving in the wind, or is it not moving at all.

    If it's not moving you could create a nice animation of a growing flower with bones, endomorphs of a combination of both and then either clone the flower with bone an morph animation, or record the vertex animation as an MDD. delete the bones and morph mixer and clone just the geometry with MDD-play attached.

    If you have a lot of flowers you need to get in place I's try this:
    -create a scene with Nulls where you want the flowers to be. You can do this with Powergons.
    -Parent the flower to a Null that has exacly the same name as the Null's created by the Powergons.
    -Select all the Nulls and use MotionMixer to create a motion clip for all of them.
    -select all of the Nulls that have the Flower attached to them.
    -create a new actor, and apply the motion clip you just created.
    -freeze the motion and free the actor if you want to get rid of motion mixer.

    *if motion mixer gives you a hard time because all the Nulls have the same name, use the spreadsheet editor to name them someting like "Null_001, Null_002" etc.

    If the tree is moving I'd use an animated displacement texture, set it to world coordinates and use that on the flowers too. Better add it to the flowers before cloning them if you hate repetitive tasks ;-)

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    I'd model one flower in modeler then create a morph (M in bottom right hand corner (read your manual for more details or if your in 8 check out the help files) ) to reduce it's size and shape (size and stretch tools)
    Then have choose points on your tree model and use the points clone plus tool or copy and paste your floers where you want them on the tree.

    Then in layout once you've imported the tree(with the flowers) choose the tree object > properties >Deform(tab) > Morph Mixer then double click on it top bring the control pannel then use the slider to make your flower smaller and bigger. Set a few key frames, hob done.
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    Sounds great, but PointClone plus will screw up your endomorphs just as rotating the flowers in modeler would :-(

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    try the following:
    go to and look around for this tutorial about birds, "a crowd of birds" or similar, read it careful and follow it to the point where he uses emitter, here select as emitter a point object, wfich you have created before, setting points to where you want your flowers to be placed. If you understand the idea I think its easy done. Have luck^^

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    thanks a lot for the help!!

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