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Thread: HardLink, Parenting, and HardFX Oh My!

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    HardLink, Parenting, and HardFX Oh My!


    This is whats supposed to happen.. the span of the bridge breaks, and when the end of the span hits the ground, concrete parts break off and scatter just a bit..


    The FX HardLink think works, but now I have another problem. I need for the end of this span, to break into pieces when it hits the ground collision object. But, I need for it to stay on the end of this span that’s falling till it hits the collision object ground..

    Now, The span, falls with the help of the FX HardLink thing.. (the only way I could find to get the proper rotation and “hook” the end to where it was supposed to stay.. )

    But the part on the end, won’t stay with the end of the falling span unless I hook it to the FX HardLink thing also..

    And apparently, the HardFX wont work, if something is FX HardLinked…

    Does this make any sense?
    Any ideas?

    I don’t see a way to bake the FX HardLink motion, or I would have tried that..

    Pulling out my hair now…
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    This is with the end HardLinked..
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    And then with HardFX added...
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    Have a look at this:
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    Did you keyframe the rotation motion of the span?


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