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Thread: LmM (little low bugdet game)

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    LmM (little low bugdet game)

    Hello everyone, here are some models/images I've done during my extra time. It's about a stupid network game (probably free). The gfx engine is more less finished, but there are a lot of work to do for the physics/weapons/fx ...(I only create the gfx )

    1) ingame images
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    Intro Part2 :
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    the little plane
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    and some extra contents :
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    And I will probably add a little city somewhere on the planet :
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    I like the style. Very cartoony but with enough detail to keep it visualy apealing.
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    is there a website for it or something? when is it out?
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    there is no website yet ... and about the release date I really don't know ... but I will post a demo soon even if it's not a real game for the moment (you can just control the tank actually ...)

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    I like it.


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