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Thread: News Emmy using Lightwave

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    News Emmy using Lightwave

    Just wanted to drop a note that I just won a Regional Emmy for News Graphics using Lightwave. It's my 3rd Emmy, and 5th nomination.

    It was a compilation of sweeps animations all done with LightWave (with some fly-in titles done in PhotoShop and composited in After Effects. Other titles were LightWave).

    I've been doing 3D for years, and LightWave for about 8 years so I've always tried to use 3D elements in our sweeps animations, but this year, our animations were almost entirely 3D. Because of this, we have a unique look in our market, because we're the only news graphics team using 3D almost exclusively. It definitely makes us stand out in this market (the "other guys" in our area are doing mostly grainy or tinted video with 70's style title treatments).

    Here's to LightWave and it's power!

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    Congratulations! Well done!

    Kevin Soderlund
    Jevin Studios
    Jevin Studios:

    Winner: Silver Telly, 26th Annual Telly Awards

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    Congrats from the Rocky Mountain Southwest NATAS Chapter!
    I've got several lightwave elements in my "Creative Enterprise: Editing" category.

    - Ben

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! The stuff on your website looks great too. Can you post the animation that won?
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    nice one !


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    Unfortunately, I don't think my company would let me post material online.

    I can use stills for my online portfolio, but I think they have a policy for video and animation. You can see stills from the animations on my site (tractor, gardening cart, dog food cans, calculator, overdone locks on door, oil supplies, cell phone, microphone, military vehicles, unfinished carpentry, medical symbol, for example).

    But thanks for the comments all.

    Originally posted by Trawler
    CONGRATULATIONS!! The stuff on your website looks great too. Can you post the animation that won?
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