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Thread: text image always backward

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    text image always backward

    why?when i apply a surface with text on it,it shows up backwards on the poly?
    also.for example-i lay out a square poly in model,single sided,front veiw and send it to layout (perspective veiw or camera) it,s facing the wrong way(away from the camera)?i thought i read about this in one of my books,but can't seem to find it. scott LW 8

    this has always bugged me.should i move the camera or rotate my model?
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    In modeler you should always use the back view to see the 'front' of your model. There is a perfectly logical explanation for this, rooted in something to do with the positive Z axis direction, but frankly I don't remember the details. There were a bunch of discussion about that years ago on the old forums, you might want to seach there.
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    Thanks! i'll see if i can find that. scott

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    In texture properties change angle to -180 degrees

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    Or scale it -100% in X

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    Everything faces the same direction by default. In other words, modeler space faces the same direction as the camera in Layout. This makes it simpler: if you model a car, you want forward motion to be positive Z. When you move the camera forward, you want that to be positive Z also.
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