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Thread: How useable will LW8 be on my new dual 1.8?

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    How useable will LW8 be on my new dual 1.8?

    Just curious. I'm getting the dual 1.8 G5 late next week and was thinking about getting LW8 but now i'm not so sure.I used to own LW7.5 for the PC but sold it several months ago(big mistake...long story) but now that i'm switching to Mac and after hearing alot of LWMac horror stories I may look at another option.

    Speaking of other options,what do you people think/know of Cinema 4d? It looks tempting but I'm so familiar with LW so...

    Anyways,help me out here if you can


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    LW8 On the G5

    If you have read as much as I have on this forum you will find that LW8 on the G5 is completely functional on some G5 computers and on others it is not. The assumption that I got from most people is that it's just hardware compatability issues. I guess Mac's are not custom built anymore but are a conglomerant of various manufacturers simular to the windows box. I say this because hardware for the mac used to be more simple but now a lot of incompatability has sprung up all of a sudden: Video cards acting up, bad Ram installed, 3rd party plugins unable to cope with the upgrades and video driver issues. Combine this with the large number of OS and software upgrades and you have quite a cluster. Windows people don't seem to have quite this many issues.

    Supposedly the latest G5's are working great with LW8. I personally have a lot of modeling and UV texturing experience but limited in rigging and animation experience. I can say that 7.5 is quite solid on 10.3.3. Only one problem that I know of yet to conquer which is the tablet/mouse option. But there is a work around for this. Of course the biggest issue with LW8 is the Open GL optimizations for the G5 that were promised but many people were expecting a much more dramatic improvement. It appears that LW is optimized a little better for intel machines than OSX. However, I doubt Newtek has put the G5 optimization on the back burner and I'm pretty sure that LW 8.5 will have many more improvements for the G5 as well. And when Tiger comes out, who know's what problems will arise with this big upgrade.

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    personally, I have had nothing but a great experience with my dp 2 ghz g5......I love it, and I love it even with LW 8...Open GL doesn't seem to be slower like some have claimed, in fact, on mine it does seem to be faster, and more responsive, and this is with just the 9600 video card, not the 9800....certainly a few people have had a few issues...but I have yet to run into ANY problems either with my computer, or with lw 8 (knock on wood), and would highly reccommend not switching from lw just because of a few issues, I am sure that whatever issues are around will get fixed within time and the next couple of rounds of updates from both apple and newtek...

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    Hi, I bought a Dual 1.8 and its been nothing but a excellent work horse, it has the radeon 9600 and I use LW 8 ( just arrived!) and Maya and a host of other media applications.What platform dosen't have horror stories?

    Highly recommended!


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