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Thread: Quick GI pass to composite?

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    Quick GI pass to composite?

    Quick question:
    (for you that do comp it) How do you guys make a fast GI pass?

    I often make a quick GI pass like this. After I have rendered my model out, I turn all texture to white (%100 diffuse, 0 all else) and then render with background radiosity from a white background (HDRI's take too long). In photoshop I just put the GI pass on top of the other render with MULTIPLY blend mode.

    Anyone else do a quick no frills GI pass like this? Any other quick ideas?


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    I think I'm missing something, but couldn't you just use the advanced tabs Alpha to shadow density option?

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    I use the method I mentioned because I've seen others use it. If you have a quicker better method, please do tell. I don't think I get it. I don't use the shadow density option much because I don't have to composite CAST shadows with my models. Can you explain your method more?



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