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Thread: Content CDs usage agreement question

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    Content CDs usage agreement question

    Is there an usage agreement for the stuff on the cd. the contents have a credit pdf but no license info.

    I wanted to use Lewis' Cobra in a shot in a short I am doing and don't know if it's allowed?

    Also the old content. Can I use those old furniture in some sets?


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    I would assume you can use most of it although there are a few that have restrictions. Read the read me files that come with LW for details.


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    The installation cleary states that it is royalty free content but that you need to credit teh artist when using it......I think we all owe the artists a big thanx for this....not everyone would easily part with such great work....

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    Definitely going to credit anyone's work I use.

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    The Ferrari is very nicely done too.... the content is really cool ! Thanks for all the artists !!


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