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Thread: What's the name of the Visual Lscript editor?

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    What's the name of the Visual Lscript editor?

    I know I saw something about a "Visual Lscript" application once -- drag and connect components, generate Lscript code.

    I can't remember the name-- could someone remind me?



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    Well you could either mean LScript Commander (built into LW)
    or LScript Editor (lsed.exe - found in the 'Programs' directory in LW)
    unless there's something else out there. I had a brief look on
    but found nothing fitting the description.
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    Not Lscript commander or Editor. . .

    Hi Matt,

    . . .I looked on Flay, before posting here and didn't find anything either; but I do recall once seeing posts about a GUI-driven "drag and drop" LScript utility.

    Would be very useful. . .I like the procedural approach to things. . .something that does for modelling what Darktree does for material generation is what's on my mind. . .

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    The only thing I can think of is Amelie, Visual Editor

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    I think you are probably thinking about either Amelie which is for expressions I believe, or the new node based expression builder in LW8. There was a video that Proton posted a while back showing the nodal expression builder. I don't think there is a nodal lscript interface,

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    it was Amelie

    . . .thanks for figuring out what it was I was thinking of before I did.

    The same paradigm would be usefully applied to Lscript-- could probably done on a Visio platform


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