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Thread: Improve Video/image Caching!!

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    Improve Video/image Caching!!

    Okay this problem has always existed in Lightwave. It is pathetically slow to display image sequences and video within layout. This makes it impossible to get realtime previews and compositing going in Layout because it has always taken so long to draw images whether they be on a object as texture or as a background. Something needs to be done about this to make it faster, like the sort of caching speed seen in maya and im sure other 3D apps. They can at least depending on your memory, play sequences and animation at full speed even if only for limited lengths.

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    You could render a preview in Layout then save it and use it as the Backdrop in the Display panel.


    Do what I do. I pre-render a low-resolution proxy of the footage I need in LightWave. I've been doing a ton of work with High Definition footage but with a low-res JPG proxy sequence I can scrub the timeline in LightWave in realtime and I still have more than enough detail to do the 3D hand-tracking I need to do.
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