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    For some odd reason Lightwave just crashes when it starts up now, nothing loads. Im running XP Pro.

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    Ok, I fixed it. I have two monitors hooked up to two different video cards, one Geforce2 mx400 agp, and the other a savage pro or something like that pci. I had to disable the one hooked up to the savage to get lightwave to start. Does anyone know of a reason for this? Not that its much trouble to disable the monitor, just for knowledge's sake.

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    Did you send bug report to NewTek?

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    dual monitors are a pain...

    Do the monitors both use nvidia drivers? If so, upgrade the drivers, and that should solve 99% of your problems. I had to download about 15 different nvidia drivers and try them all at one point in time to see which worked and which did not since I kept loosing Direct x or Open GL on dual monitor setup. I think the newest driver at nvidia solves all the problems.

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    get direct x sdk

    If you have the full sdk installed, there are some little test programs in it that will test your system and tell you if direct x is working right, and if the problem is 3d or 2d or both and on which monitor... use that before and after installing the drivers that you test.


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