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Thread: New DVE Collection for VT[3] now available

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    New DVE Collection for VT[3] now available

    FantasyFX™: Travel back to the Middle Ages with your Video Toaster and
    treat it to this brand new collection of fantasy and medieval transitions. Animated Dragons, Sword Swipes, Moving Battle Axes, Joust Wipes, Blood Battle Axes and Excalibur are some of the included color effects. Now expanded to included over 50 Fantasy DVE's including Jasmine; Warrior Woman. She is one of three full color animated effects we are giving away!

    Please visit the FantasyFX website and
    download three DVEs from this collection for free. Effects include fully animated and still previews just like Newtek DVE's. Place them in your project, experiment and enjoy. Please let us know what you think of these royalty free Digital Video Effects.

    A lot of time, effort and hard work went into the development of FantasyFX. Download the free DVEs and take a look at the quality of the collection. Sales of FantasyFX will influence the release of other VT[3] plug-ins and DVE collections we have in development. Sales of Spontaneous Combustion were kind of disappointing and we will have
    to evaluated supporting other editing systems if sales don't improve.
    Lots of careful attention to detail and quality control went into the
    development of FantasyFX and we hope you will enjoy it and support us
    so we can continue to bring you great DVEs and plug-ins for your VT[3]
    system. We don't want to explore other markets but will have no choice
    if sales don't improve. Dealer inquires are always welcome.

    FantasyFX is normally $129.95 But to celebrate the release of this DVE collection a limited amount of customers can buy FantasyFX for $69.95 via Paypal or slightly more for company check/Visa/Mastercard/Discover/AmEx.

    Thanks for your time

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    Have you PAL versions ?

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    Originally posted by eon5
    Have you PAL versions ?

    Hi eon5, we would be glad to create a PAL version if you are interested in the product.
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    FantasyFX DVE collection via Paypal confusion

    Perhaps my post about FantasyFX was not totally clear about payments
    methods accepted. I had a couple of clients that thought they could
    only get it if they had Paypal based upon what I posted. While it is
    true that Paypal users get a slight discount, none Paypal members can
    still order it via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover &
    Personal/Company check from the website or by calling 1 (800) 852-0930.

    Sorry for any confusion

    Also, any feedback from VT[3] users that have already download the
    three free DVEs from the collection and tried them would be most
    appreciated. Even if you don't buy the product we would like to know
    what you thought of AirShip, Dragon & Jasmine DVE.
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    You might want to check the one called Jasmine. It has a problem. The B source is not at full screen position when it finishes, causing a 15 pixel jump to the right.
    Brad L.

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    Thanx bradl, we will have a look and get it fixed.
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