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Thread: Adding Detail Problems

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    Adding Detail Problems

    Dear all,

    When I add detail (or lower detail at certain places), I get the natural tention problem that occurs when more then 4 isoparms are pulling on 1 point. (see attached).

    When I look in modeler, I clearly can see a non-organic flow of the mesh because of that.

    Is this to forecome? Will it show up when rendering?


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    if you render, these will be fine. only looks bad in open gl. LW rocks!!

    my only suggestion is to possibly remove the lower highlighted area 3 pointers into one 4pointer. they can cause render problems in subpatched models.

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    As a quick test, freeze it (ctrl + d) and see how it looks, make sure smoothing is on for its surface. If it all looks clear then it will render fine. you can then just undo it.

    uh wha?

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    You are so right! Can't believe I didn't see that I had a tri there...
    I must have been low in coffee...

    Still I could see the other problem area's. Perhaps because I'm too picky or because I didn't use bump maps yet.

    Thanks for opening my eye's.


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    Tri to avoid Points that are intersected by more than 5 vertices. Also you may need to spin quads to get the flow right.


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