Well I have apparently solved all the problems ... Ill post what happened and what I did to fix it.

What happened ...

When I let LW CD auto play ... it appears the installer got confused between installing the sentinel drivers and installing LW.
So somewhere in the mess ... it all got messed up.

What I did.

1) Just in case I made sure that Zone Alarm wasnt running (although at this point ... I think ... this might not have been neccesary.

2) I Uninstalled my previous installation of LW.

3) I installed the sentinel drivers off the CD ... made sure my usb dongle was not connected.

4) Restarted ... even though it didnt ask me too.

5) connected my dongle.

6) Installed LW from the setup.exe on the CD in the install_lightwave directory.

Things were looking good.

7) Restarted again just to be sure.

8) started lightwave ... this time the Hub started yay ... and It said my temporary key was good for 14 days (I didnt get this messege b4.

Things are looking real good now.

9) Shut down LW ... exited the hub ... and started Zonealarm.

10) Started up LW again ... got messeges from Zonalarm aasking if it was ok to let LW and the Hub to "access the internet" Said yes to both and (told it to remeber) ... also said yes to the server prompts.

11) Launched modeler ... ZA again asked about modeller etc ... said yes and remeber.

12) Everything worked as it should

13) installed the 7.5c update ... tested and all is good.


maybe this might help someone ... and thanks to all who replied to help me. Also LW and the Hub apparently can work along side ZA even in "demo mode". (well ... on second thought ... Im in temporary license key mode ... so maybe its still a no go in demo mode?)