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Thread: Where's Construct>Reduce>ReducePolygons!?

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    Unhappy Where's Construct>Reduce>ReducePolygons!?

    So I imported a 3DS model from nurbs in 3DS Max and to my dismay Lightwave crashed when I tried to use qemloss on it. I remembered that there should be a Reduce Polygons feature under the construct tab but it's not there! I even looked in LW 7.0 and its not there either. I never used 'reduce polygon' before but I remembered it was in the manual so I double checked and found that it was indeed supposed to be under Construct>Reduce>Reduce Polygons. Is this a typo in the manual or what? Is there any other way to reduce the poly count other than qemloss and reduce poly?
    JP Westmas

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    No, it's not you, you are very much correct.
    I'm using a WinPC at uni, and there it is, reduce>reduce polys.
    I come home to my Mac to use it... WHA!?
    It ain't there.
    I don't know exactly why this plugin seems to be missing, but it would sure be handy to have it at home as well as uni....

    You know you've been learning 3D for too long when you start seeing in procedurals...


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