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Thread: Video Card Criteria and Suggestions

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    Video Card Criteria and Suggestions

    I had to dump my Highend 3d Labs Wildcat 4210 when I got the Toaster. This card did not support some feature that the Nvidia Pro did (DirectShow I think was the feature not exactly sure)...

    I am looking to upgrade my card and am looking for a Dual monitor Card that will do the Highend Lightwave work I require and still support the toaster... This is all inside a Dell 530 Workstation running XP and it is an Pro AGP slot also...

    Can anyone give me the exact features a Card has to have to handle the Toaster.... I would also Love to hear recomendations on what cards to consider keeping in mind I want more highend 3d features....

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    I use Matrox G550 maybe its not recomendet for Lightwave work but I tried and far now its OK and integration with Toaster its GOOD i have now problem at all, maybe you wont to consider and new Matrox Parphelia I now people who works in 3DS Max and they tell that Parphelia ROCKS.

    I hope I help you.

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    video card

    try one of the g-force 4 chipset cards
    they are much fastrer than the matrox and can be aquired with out breaking you wallet.
    a good mail order place is
    the prices are quite good.



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