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Thread: Working with Poser 4

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    Working with Poser 4

    Anothe newbie question:

    How do I get figures from Poser 4 into LW 7.5, and models from LW into Poser? This has me stumped.

    Thanks for all the great help!


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    There was a pro pack, or something, that exported LWO from poser. Of course, on the Mac you also have to move from 9.x to 10.x, since Poser 4 is a classic app now...
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    Do a search for Daz or Poser (probably Daz) and there are a few ways listed.

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    you can export .3ds files from poser and import them into LW, and you can export .3ds files from LW to import into poser
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    Hi J,

    Re: this thread and your other modeling thread

    I'm now 1 year into using Lightwave, wanted to use the poser2Lw plug-in desperately and have never gotten it to work. I have asked people in just every forum I belong to and while their answers have sometimes been hopeful I have had no success getting it to work.

    Others have said they use the Poser LW plug-in in LW7 and LW7.5.
    If you can find what they are doing right and it works for you, please let me know.

    Greenbriar Studios make plug-ins for transferring Poser Characters to LW.

    I have not yet taken the plunge. It looks like people are satisfied with the results.

    good luck to us all


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