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Thread: VT2 steaming on the web

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    VT2 steaming on the web

    is it possible to stream VT2 through a network onto a DSL cable modem rather than using a direct internet link? if it is possible, do i need any patches.

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    A cable modem is usually a direct internet link.
    Any problem should be outside VT[2] anyway.

    Check with your firewall, modem/modem-router config or your ISP support for why you might not be able to stream.

    Can your PC be seen by the internet? e.g. Windows Personal Web Server, can your web colleagues see that if you run it up and provide them with your internet facing address/URL?

    You could try running up WMEncoder7 or perhaps WME9, and see if you can stream a WMV, or live video out using it's interface, as opposed to the transmitter gadget in VT.

    Start off by streaming locally. So many ISPs restrict what services you can supply to the internet on your access. Check your acceptable usage policy etc.

    Broadband your access might be in speed terms. Yet in use, you might need to select a higher option on your access line. Perhaps business class etc.

    If the internet can't see you directly then you might need to use a rebroadcaster that accepts you initiating a stream to them (often they connect to your stream and re-broadcast).

    The cable bit, and any fancy transport you might use to reach your next-hop router, really doesn't come into it. ADSL, leased line, VSAT etc won't themselves stop you as they are simply access technologies. It might not seem that way from the outset!
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