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Thread: Character: Mr. Fong.

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    Character: Mr. Fong.

    Here's another one

    Again, textures are procedurals

    NOTE: RIGGED by T4D at

    I'm definately not a rigger
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    Very good work, there is a very movie/animated feel with these images. I was almost expecting Mr. Fong to finish moves and start talking.

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    cool! look's realy good!I love it
    miso popovic

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    Well Modeled + Posed

    The head is really fantastic. The polygon detail and textures in the eyes and around the jowls are very well done.
    The rest of the body is good as well. But not quite up to the great quality that you have reliezed in the face.
    Overall this is so close to 10 out of 10!

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    v. nice

    tell us about the comp...

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    Nice usual lol. You may have said this in another post but what method do you use? Spline, box,..etc?

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    Point 2 Point patch modeling
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    Wow, Pi

    You sure do put out a lot of work. I really like this scene. IT is a bit different than you wild characatures.
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