I'm doing a peresentation about the history of graphic design of the london underground (boring, ay?) for college in a few weeks time and i thought it would be cool to have a few cg animations to go with it..... now i know my way round lightwave(7.5) and ive done bits and bobs with it before but i think i'm gonna get stuck on a few things -

- how would i make a train run on tracks without having to move/rotate it every time it goes round a corner? or is that the way it's done? I mean, can i lock it to the tracks so it follows/runs on them?

- having not modeled a Vehicle before, does anyone know of any tutorials that could help me out coz i aint seen any trainy like tutorials kicking about (lol)? or could i just build the outside of the train and copy that and scale it down abit, flip the pollys and patch up the gaps in the windows/doors?

Coz the overall animation is gonna be a fly thou of the station and on to the train, then the train moves on to the next station/part of the peresention
Now i dont think i'll have a problem with modeling the station or textures (coz i'm good with PS7 ) or sound... maybe there might be a problem with lighting but ive seen a tutorial at 3dbuzz that will help me out.

Hope someone can help me out here, if so, Thanxs!!