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    Been a while, so here a little test in photorealism.


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    nice render! Like the texture on the floor, keep it up!
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    not bad at all.

    you may want to use less blur on the ref channel for both the copper body label and the terminals.
    my only crit...

    p.s. are you sure the label shouldn't say AAA and not AA?
    the look a bit slender for AA's

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    kitty ate Otacons kitty! veljko's Avatar
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    great pic!
    cool textures-

    could you e-mail me the floor image?
    [email protected]

    thanx a bunch!

    v e lj k o p o p o v i c
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    He you guys, great you like the render. The batteries were modelled exactly as the real stuff. But probably due to the camera settings, a bit wider angle they have that slender look.

    This is another render wich make them appear a bit thicker I think...

    Oh and Veljko, you can download the texture of the tile here . In this way others can use it as well.



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    Cool. Looks pretty real. But on that second pic, those wood slats must be REALLY small.

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    kitty ate Otacons kitty! veljko's Avatar
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    Thx for the texture!
    i love the little scratches on the batteries- nice realistic touch!
    cool image!
    v e lj k o p o p o v i c
    3D artist

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    I like renders a lot, but I think you should change F-stop a bit to get a more realistic image.

    - SODA

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    He guys, thanx for the comments, helps a lot.

    Veljko, thanx for noticing the scratches, gave it a bit more penache, hope to see the texture one day in an amazing render of you somewhere

    Otacon, you're right about the slats, I scaled them down and down to get them to look crispy, because it wasn't a huge texture map, hahaha

    Sodaplay, you're right to about he F-stop. Didn't notice it anymore after retouching the image and looking at other things but the blurring.

    Hope I remember it for future renders to take it in account and make a few more test-renders to get it right. (As always, LESS IS MORE!)



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    I have a question, being fairly new to Lightwave (A class I am taking in school) I was wondering, is that an imagemap over the batteries, or did you model the text and seperate areas for the 2 different colors?

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    Hai Cryto,

    Well a little bit of both. Modelled the battery cylinder in 2 y-segments and created surfaces for both the top and bottom part and textured them separately using color and alpha maps.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Grtzzzzz...and happy modelling



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