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Thread: Erode Effect

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    Erode Effect

    Does anyone know of another way to achieve the 'eroding effect' that you can apply on a grey-scale elevation in Bryce? I have tried to import / export my home-made terrain grey scales in Bryce to use this feature, but I can't get anyhting larger than a thumbnail out of Bryce. I do not want to freeze the mesh and export the terrain out of bryce becuase it has too many poly's. I like use the 'Object\Displacement Texture' option on a subD plane in Lightwave much better.

    Is there an 'Erode FX' plug-in I can use in Photoshop to tweak 1024x1024 or 2048x2048 gey-scale elevation maps?
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    What version of bryce are you using? 5 has the ability to increase the size of the preview window. then you can do a screen grab take that photoshop apply a blur to get rid of pixelation then use that for displacement in LW. However the subpatch level needed for the detail... you might just as well us the exported highpoly model. Layout freezes subd's at render time so either way your really using high poly models.
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    Hi there

    I don't know about Bryce but newtek has a tutorial about creating mountainous landscapes by Gregory duquesne. surface/texturing/texturing_landscape.html

    it's probably not what you are after but it's well worth a look


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