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Thread: Blurring reflection channel

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    Blurring reflection channel

    I have a material that is reflective, and I want to be able to blur the environment that is reflected in the surface. I havent been able to find any good ways to do this online. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or suggest a method to do this?


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    You could play with small bump maps and maybe shading noise reduction.. just thinking out loud.. there is a pluggin to control the way reflections (among other things) work

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    Oops fogot about the "reflection bluring" in the -Environment- Tab of the suface editor.. (7.5)

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    You can also use some of the image filter blurring tools, and key them off a special buffer. Set a special buffer in your surface to 1, then add Soften reflections in the image filter panel. This will blur your surface reflection more or less depending on the value of the special buffer, if you toggle that on in the panel


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