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Thread: First finished product. "Spilt Milk"

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    First finished product. "Spilt Milk"

    Okay, after much fussing around in Lightwave trying to teach myself various things. this idea came to my head after something someone told me when I showed them a render of a glass on its side.

    First, the original scene...
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    And now the actual finished product.

    The whole idea basically told me how I was feeling at the moment it came to me. The final edidting idea was to give it an old, run down look. Almost creepy I guess.

    Anyway, the piece really suits how I wanted.
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    Excellent work. Actually I prefer the top picture (excellent surfacing of the milk).

    You've certainly achieved the old/run down look in the 2nd pic.

    How did you model the milk? Is it a sub-patched object?


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    The milk was a nightmere for a while. At first, I just used the pen tool to make a spill like shape, then smooth shifted it up to give it a slight depth, and added a white shiny surface. Then it looked like melted plastic had just rolled out of the glass. So I went with something different.

    The second time, I actually did spill some milk and drew the basic outline on paper. Scanned it and used it as a reference backdrop in modeller, then used the same technique as before to give it depth. Trippled the polys and sub patched.

    Then I gave it transparent edges by selecting certain top verticies in modeller and dragged them in to give more of a slope, rather than a bulge. Then in modeller, I used a gradient on the transparency channel that worked on the Y distance to the table object.

    Then I just added a very slight bump to it, and adjusted the spec and gloss and reflection till I was happy enough. I'm still not too sure about it, but it's good enough for now.

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    Exellent, but...
    Your glass is to clean..... milk stains the glass quite a bit, so you should dirty it up.

    oh.. and put some crums on the plate.

    Otherwise very nice!


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    great job for the milk, you should add a little bit noise on the glass, glasses are never so perfect as peder said...


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