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Thread: What happened - Kiwavers (NZ) meeting, 28 Jan 2003

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    What happened - Kiwavers (NZ) meeting, 28 Jan 2004

    Hey folks

    Changed locale:
    Many thanks to everyone who made the effort to meet out on the North Shore. And a HUGE thanks to Dave Kerry and his Flatmates for providing a great, relaxed atmosphere and place to hang out!

    Meeting started very casually, with cold drinks, chips and munchies. Thanks again to Dave for putting on drinks and chips!

    Ice breaker
    We started with Dave's cool drink-can and a natter about his textures, etc. I showed a few videos - After resolving some technical codec hitches - Including a range of cool WWII aircraft animations from Japan ( while also showing a very cool simple tutorial (also on the site) about plane modeling...

    I showed some BattleStar Galactica work from Foundation from 2001 that had been posted online (very impressive work as expected), a small demo video that was posted of L[8]'s rigid body dynamics system and a few

    Terrain Generator
    I then demo'd 'World Machine' (, a very cool node-based terrain heightmap generator. Amazingly fast 3D previews, etc. Exports to Terragen format as well as others!

    Proxy those videos!
    There was a brief chat about AVISynth ( - An opensource Frame Server system for feeding and processing video in real time. Unfortunately I wasn't prepared to properly demo it, but next time!

    Show reel!
    Then Bill Boyce, from Huhu (, showed us their new Demo Reel on DVD containing some very impressive work from the talented team out at Snells beach. And very impressive and pretty it was too! Many thanks to Bill for chatting a little about some of the techniques that were used...

    Yes, its that Kev and his stuff yet again!
    Nobody had anything to show after that, however I took the oppotunity to review a few 'New Years Resolutions' I'd been making in respect to finishing up all those old projects I'd been leaving for a 'rainy day'. This included my old P40 Kittyhawk I'd been finishing off in the last week or two, a hotrod I'd been building for my Superhero and a few old snippets of animations that needed refining and completing...

    Sneak-peek at some useful tips'n'tricks
    I then gave a small handful of the tips including faking fabrics without Motion Designer, some quick tips on using HV's, animating their sizes with reference nulls as well as some pointers on PFX emission. These tips were well received - If you want more tips and tricks from me, I've been writing a LOT of them for the upcoming book '1001 tips and tricks' - will have over 1000 from many top LW people! You can read more about the book, who all the other talented writers are (some big names in LW - The bios are at the bottom of the page) and preorder the book from here -

    A little imagery
    After that, I showed some Air show photos and sky-panorama's (which I'll post up if people think they'd be useful?) that I built over the last weekend. A few small tips on how I use some of the photoshop tools for creating bump maps, and adjusting photo's quickly using the Selective Color and Replace Color options (Image > Adjust).

    Then people had to go around 10:30-ish.

    This meeting was great - The atmosphere was less formal and very comfortable! Again, I really must give a HUGE thanks to Dave and Flatmates for being great hosts and accomodating the meeting!

    BTW - Many thanks to Simon for the excellent photo!

    Thanks - And roll on Feb!

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    hey kevin

    coll photo . looks like a privat meeting!!

    in your headline 2003 is not right,2004 is fine

    see you

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    Doh! Of course, 2004 would be correct!

    Private meeting? No, open meeting again, but the usual people came along... It was a great night - It felt much less formal then having the meeting in a Computer Lab (which should hopefully be back up and running before next meeting), though its not formal at the lab - Just looks that way!

    We had about 10 people there - As you can see, very relaxed!


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