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Thread: Polar Vibration (Abstraction)

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    Polar Vibration (Abstraction)

    This image is created by compositing different renders togther.

    What do you think?
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    Ohhh i like it.

    It's the sorta thing i've wanted to do for a while but can never get into the right frame of mind.

    keep it up.


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    A very good example of the type, but I feel that this style has become something of a cliche in photoshop circles...

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    I like it, I think you're heading in an interesting direction, but I think you still need to push it further. Maybe try mixing more 2d and 3d.

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    This is the design style of my site I have recently revamped the identity of. I have been incredibly influenced by the Digital Vision artists of the Infinity2 series and 2Advanced Studios.

    I know I'm not quite where I wanna be with my work, but I am getting there. I very much appeciate the constuctive comments!
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    Here is a quick shot of the site design in progress...

    This is where I can really use any constuctive comments concerning the site design.

    It's taking forever since I am designing everything in Photoshop and I am recreating all the elements in freehand, then importing them to Flash.
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    It looks nice, you seem to master the technique.

    I'm more afraid that we see too much of this kind of design and eventually get bored, maybe you should use this nice technique more seldomly, in a corner for example, let the page "breathe" a little.(just a little advice in case)


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