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Thread: Can't bypass public internet access screen on old browser to stream

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    Can't bypass public internet access screen on old browser to stream

    I have a Tricaster 855, so I can't upgrade or update the Windows 7 architecture or any of it's components (Internet Explorer, etc.). This surely limits my ability to use the native streaming services. While it had been suggested to use a separate computer to retrieve streaming site log-in info, my problem is even doing that, I still can't stream from the Tricaster at public venues where their Ethernet requires a separate log-in to access it. Internet Explorer will not display the log-in page correctly to bypass it because I can't install the required plugin's. Any suggestions?

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    Might be a good time to consider a stand-alone streaming encoder to take TriCaster out of the equation, and TC855 is probably also limited to 720p streaming at 2MB if I recall (maybe I am thinking of TC40).

    Meaning, take the SDI out of TC and into an encoder and let that do the streaming. Something like the Magewell Ultra Stream HDMI is under $400 and is configured via smart phone. Just add inexpensive SDI > HDMI converter to TC output to get AV into encoder. Lots of other encoders out there as well, but the Magewell seems to be the most cost-effective and will get you into higher-bitrate 1080p streaming if desired as well. As a bonus, can also record an .mp4 copy of video to USB stick.




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