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Thread: NewTek Remote Storages

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    NewTek Remote Storages


    I have a short question about the NewTek Remote Storages:
    Do they have any special feature / functionality for working with Tricasters/VCM1 which any other 3rd party NAS System does not have?

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    NewTek Remote Storage (NRS) has NDI capture and playback.

    For video clips that are on the storage, you can right click on them thru the ShareBrowser client software and play them back right off the NRS itself.

    You can also setup NDI recording directly to the NRS. Right now, it records into a MP4 file, but this will be changing in the future to native NDI recording after NDI 4 has been released (the native NDI recording will be a very big feature).

    Beyond typical shared storage features you find in all solutions a few others that NRS has that not all other solutions offer.
    - Project locking for major editing applications (Premiere, FCP-X)
    - Avid native project sharing support
    - ShareBrowser, a media asset management system with web client interface, there is even a Premiere plug-in for ShareBrowser.
    - SlingShot, automation tool which you can setup your own workflows around.
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