At today's studio session I recorded 30 short clips using 3 ouputs (Out 1, Out2, IN4).
Unfortunately Clip no 13 is missing for all outputs. Instead of the 3 expected video files (with the accompanying ".mov.preview" files) there are 3 text files with the extension ".mov.angles".

The content of the text files is:

  <angle filename="E:\\Media\Clips\2019-05-16 Alt-Indisch\Capture\" title="PC2_%Hours (long, 24h)%-%Minutes (long)%-%Seconds (long)%" />
  <angle filename="D:\\Media\Clips\2019-05-16 Alt-Indisch\Capture\" title="Prv_%Hours (long, 24h)%-%Minutes (long)%-%Seconds (long)%" />
  <angle filename="E:\\Media\Clips\2019-05-16 Alt-Indisch\Capture\" title="Pgm_%Hours (long, 24h)%-%Minutes (long)%-%Seconds (long)%" />
I cannot recall that I did anything special to start that particular recording no 13.
Anybody any suggestion?
How do I reach support?
How do I tell my customer :-(