Download the headmodels and go at it with your desired modeling&sculpt software of choice.



It seem to be a sculpt challenge, so you need it to be somekind of modeled or sculpted geometry, I reckon you can always use tools in the same way you make it for hairguides in Lightwave, and make geometry from that.
I suspect the judges will probably pick a sculpt that looks like a sculpt though..and not just strand geometry, in such case I reckon you need to fuse parts..and further on sculpt or smooth them, could be a job for 3rd powers metamesh, then lw brush,
If you choose to do it in Lightwave that is.

To bad I have so much on the side of everything, I am not sure I will engage in it..may give it an initial test in a certain software though and see if it is enjoyable and yields decent results without taking too long time.

Submission deadline is Monday, May 27, 2019 (23:59 New York time – EDT)