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Thread: David Ridlen post on why NT marketing & communication needs improvement....Will it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBowie View Post
    So, all I said is basically 'Let's not fault the devs'. Some might wish to use that as a springboard, but I don't think many here actually disagree with my point.
    And I agree with that 100%, if that wasn't clear. However, I also definitely believe Newtek could do much better at providing escalation paths for customer issues.

    Sure, upper mgmt is ultimately responsible, no question. That's not really a useful solution for customers who are having problems being heard, though. Most other companies at least provide explicit "Director/Head of Customer Support" position to contact, etc. for escalation, as someone who's job it is to definitely respond and interact with customers who feel their CS interactions weren't adequate (or in cases where blind CS sendings aren't appropriate). I think that'd probably represent a good starting point for Newtek too (w.r.t. Lightwave). Obviously, that person needs to be able to speak authoritatively regarding Lightwave, as well.

    As it stands, the problem is that there's just isn't anyone (beyond a blind CS mailbox) customers can rely on to interact with them when they feel their issues aren't being heard, and it shouldn't be the least bit surprising in such a situation that frustration eventually takes over for many.
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