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Thread: This is just TOO wierd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ma3rk View Post
    I was reading some of the threads erikals & Kryslin have on their efforts. The LAMH editor, while still needing some polishes, seems to be really much more elegant in it's use than what LW has. I'm still a klutz with either, but watching the older LAMH vids is encouraging.

    Now if those RMan guides can be exported to LW, then we've got something. I contacted him (Alessandro Mastronardi, i.e. AM) a few months ago & said he hopes to have that ability in a future release, possibly the next. In the mean time, he up & went and got himself hired by MPC in London! He recently stated though that his new position shouldn't impede development on LAMH & might even hurry things along.

    He also mentioned to look for his work on the title character in the up coming "Lion King" this coming July.
    Wow that's awesome, thanks for the info. Lion King looks amazing. Alessandro is a great artists and developer.

    Talking of cat fur, this is a render I did a while ago with LAMH (rendered in iRay).

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    Have your tried bringing anything furry into LW yet? I need to retry some things that I simply didn't have enough RAM to process before.
    "Never be a cat in a cartoon. Never." Chief Wiggum

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