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Thread: fusion and resolve are updated - and fusion isn't free anymore - LW companion program

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    Personally I've been using HitFilm Express for several years now. It's free and does everything I need for editing and composting. Plus there are plenty extra features that can be added for a small price each. It's very similar to Premiere and After Effects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Otterman View Post
    I love After effects but EXR support is slow even with PRO EXR. Always fancied Nuke but man thats expensive and a massive learning curve. Fusion is probably the compromise but I don't won't to invest in software thats future is flakey. (cough lightwave cough)
    I hear ya. I like using AE too (it's what we mostly use in our department at work,) but the EXR support is clunky and poor. I like to using AE for animation and FX but not so much for compositing 3D.

    Fusion, on the other hand, makes it so easy to work with EXR and auxiliary channels, especially if you name the channels properly so Fusion can automatically apply the relevant channels in a given tool for you. (On the other hand, Fusion isn't so great for motion graphics like AE.)

    I occasionally use Nuke at work. I'm hardly a power user with it but I didn't find it that difficult to pick up because Nuke's UI is similar to Fusion. Personally, I think Fusion is easier to use...but then, I used it nearly every day for 12 years when I was at Rhythm.

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    It seems to be Fusion Studio TURBO, speed increases are very good

    Tracker solves speed up, but could do with a Legacy Ui wrapper

    & undocking back again as they have given it a Resolve Ui uniform look.

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