fusion and resolve are updated - and fusion isn't free anymore - LW companion programs.

FUsion compositing program is a must have if your using lightwave - it goes so well with lightwave or any 3d program that its totally worth learning.
FOr awhile it was a free program. A program to rival after effects and free in a very good way it was commercially free meaning you can use it for non personal or commercial projects.
That was a huge gift from black magic design.
Today, Resolve their editing package still remains free. However, Fusion studio 16 is no longer a free program.
But at $300 bucks its a no brainer to invest in as it gives you a couple of things lightwavers need like 3d matchmoving, and exr support among hundreds of post effects like grading, blur, blooms and glows.

So, if you didn't know - fusion has updated to 16 matching its number with resolve. (it jumped from 9 to 16 instead of going to 10)

Both resolve and fusion are without a doubt great tools in your digial arsenal. They compliment lightwave fantastically allowing you to create videos from your stills and massage them with color grading and post effects.

My work flow starts in lightwave and ends in fusion every time.

$300 is cheap for a fully featured compositing program. Dont even bother with blender compositing. While ok, it doesn't hold a candle to fusion.

The other thing i like about fusion and resolve is the studio versions are one time buys. NOne of this continual cloud buying crap whcih i call ransom pricing. If you dont update your software - you can't access your files. Sucky even if it forces you to have the latest version all the time.