BLUF: When I install NDI Scan Converter on a physical Windows 10 host and install NDI tools, my NDI Scan Converter stream from this physical host shows up in my streaming software just fine however when I do try the same thing from a VM, the stream doesnt show up in my in Streamlabs OBS.

-I'm running NDI Scan Converter in a Windows 10 virtual machine.

-I want to send that stream to another Windows 10 host that is running the streaming software Streamlabs OBS.

-The virtual machine is running on a type 2 hypervisior, VMware Workstation Pro 15. I've also tried doing the same thing on Virtual Box with no luck

I know something is screwed up, and I'm not sure its a network thing, but I suspect it's a graphical GPU or Direct X 11 thing. The VMs are limited to DX10 I was wondering if that could possibly be messing this up.

If anyone has any information, knowledge in this area, or ideas, it would be greatly appreciated!