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Thread: Epic's 2019 GDC presentation

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    Epic's 2019 GDC presentation

    Epic really is doing some amazing things with Unreal Engine and real time visualization.

    Here's a link to the full presentation:

    Apropos to the general interests of LightWavers though, here's a few highlight bookmarks.

    Kim Libreri, Epic's CTO, discussing/demo'ing Epic's real-time PBR rendering prowess, for games obviously, but also for product visualization, film pre-viz, etc. They talk about their efforts to try to reach the goal of realistic humans rendered in real time. We are getting there...

    Within the above, a quite amazing presentation of a WIP production of "Troll: A Real-Time Saga", which showcases targeted use of ray tracing to push the realism envelope out pretty dramatically:

    Finally, a demo of their ongoing efforts to incorporate support for physics effects directly in the engine. They still have a lot to do, but it will be exciting to see their roadmap start to play out. This link shows their progress in incorporating real time shatter effects. Still see a lot of the "you're done, why are you still twitching?" problem so common to physics simulations, but I have no doubt the improvements will be incremental and on-going.

    I'm so glad the LW team has recognized the potential for LW+Unreal as a creative production "platform", and invested in starting to build that out in 2019!
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