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Darn it, unity or unreal....which one to invest my time in learning?!?

Graphic wise they look about on par but which is easiest for a CGI/designer to get their head around? Be interested in anyones thoughts.
If you haven't done either and are new to the game engine paradigm and are not strong regards programming, try starting with Unity 3D
- Have a look on Udemy.com, there are some stand-out courses (ref Ben Tristen) really cheap to help ease your way into this arena
- The coding is C#, whereas Unreal uses C++
- The asset store for Unity is a massive help

But you know, it doesn't have to be either/or. If after a while you feel you have the hang of Unity, you can always "step up" and start playing wit Unreal
- as I recall Ben Tristen has Udemy training material for this
- Ryan Roye has an excellent training intro also (I'm going by his promo video, looks great)
- friends have told me Unreal has built in solutions to deal with some issues which may require a 3rd party solution in Unity

… it's almost like you can't lose researching both and both appear to be getting lots of development TLC