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Thread: Having latency challenges with NDI and NC1IO (and spanks) on TC1

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    Having latency challenges with NDI and NC1IO (and spanks) on TC1

    Just wondering what we should be expecting in terms of latency, getting in the neighborhood of 1/4 second vs the near instant inputs on the back of our TC1 and 460.

    Everything is going through a generic unmanaged 16 port ethernet switch.

    The NC1 and the TC1 are showing up as gig ethernet connections to the switch, but the sparks only show a link of 100Mbps, though everything seems full quality and clean when the audio and video is coming through, but the latency is a killer for multicam when we're trying to cut sports.

    Any ideas on tracking this down?

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    The Spark HDMI and Spark SDI unit have 100Mb Ethernet ports. The NC1IO should be just fast as well, while technically a frame slower than the on board SDI, I wouldn't think would be able to see it.

    The Spark HDMI/SDI units are using NDI-HX, the LongGop compression of this format will have some latency.
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    Could you use the Video Delay function on SDI inputs to allow NDI sources to catch up? Audio can also be delayed of course, so you ought to be able to get it all pretty much dialed in. Not good for iMag of course to ADD latency, but should be okay for recording, streaming, broadcast.


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