Hi everyone

I am currently working on our second vmc1 installation. In our first setup the VMC1 and the expansion modules are in an isolated network, together with all the NDI cameras and equipment. Now for the second installation, I am planing to establish a connection to the interne. This will allow us to use more feature like remote controls and Skype TX, plus it will make maintenance easier since we can directly download updates from the interne and do remote reboots etc. Does anyone have experiences with this? For example I am wondering if you would connect the VMCI one to two different subnets, one with all the NDI stuff and another just with very restricted internet access. Or would you again put all the devices into the same network and use the different network cards for redundancy and more throughput.

In general I am very curious how your network setup is looking around the VMC1 and the NC1 modules, since there is no "best practice" setup given.